Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think I just fell in a black whole. . .

Edith Piaf's last and greatest song...
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    • The Sync Whole
      ‎"The song Non, je ne regrette is performed by Edith Piaf. Marion Coutard who plays Mal in Inception won the oscar for Best Actress playing Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose. She beat out Ellen Page, who was nominated with her that same year (2007) for Juno. Ellen Page plays Ariadne in Inception."

      -and those are syncs baby!

      my gaze upon "France" "Trains" and "Mother". . .
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    • Ehrlen xxxxxx
      No, nothing at all, I regret nothing at all
      Not the good, nor the bad. It is all the same.
      No, nothing at all, I have no regrets about anything.
      It is paid, wiped away, forgotten.
      I am not concerned with the past, with my memories.
      I set fire to my pains and pleasures,
      I don't need them anymore.
      I have wiped away my loves, and my troubles.
      Swept them all away.
      I am starting again from zero.

      No, nothing at all, I have no regrets
      Because from today, my life, my happiness, everything,
      Starts with you!

      English translation shows an inception at the end of the song.
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‎"Non, je ne regrette rien"(No, I regret nothing)

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