Saturday, December 26, 2009

The core of the problem?


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. . . The finely marbled filet at the supermarket meat counter is shrink-wrapped and looks as if it has been produced by an algorithm. It looks as if it were the Platonic idea of meat and not something hacked from a cow, not something produced by poor people standing in blood. At the far end of a gallon of gasoline is a Marine rolling a hand grenade into a living room in Haditha, Iraq. At the far end of the purchase of a plastic gizmo at Walmart is a Chinese industry dependent on the oil produced by a genocidal regime in Sudan. How that changes the look of the delightfully cheap gizmo! It is steeped in blood!
Tin House Blog:

Curtis White: A Good Without Light

. . . Ours is not simply a violent culture. It is a culture that believes that violence (especially violence with a skill set) is a virtue. It is really our national religion, if, as Tolstoy said, a culture’s true religion is not the things it claims to “believe” but the ideas that it lives through on a daily basis

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