Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Blog post is a response and cover letter to this snippet from Wikipedia regarding the adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series of books:

Dear Mr. Abrams, Mr. Lindelof, Mr. Cuse, and Mr. King,

I'm attempting to use New Media in a way that yields serendipitous results for us--for me and for those individuals involved in the development and adaptation of The Dark Tower. I recall from a Lost podcast a statement about one's qualifications comming directly from the sheer amount of hours one has spent involved with a subject whether it be a mythology, film, or television show. I think it was partly a fun justification by either you Mr Lindelof or you Mr. Cuse for a childhood jokingly spent in front of the Television. And thus, like that episode of Amazing Stories, you both were able to turn your childhoods into your "adult" life with everything from you childhood having some perceivable value now.

I have spent many thousands of hours in Mid-World and I am eminently qualified to help adapt this work from the page to some sort of screen. I do not bring the normal fanboy tiny-detail-level of obsessiveness to the project, but my ability to see the whole truth of the work--the symbolism and metaphor that King may or may not even be aware of. He is such an interesting author as often it seems that "being" pours directly out of him and he has noted this in works such as The Tommyknockers.

My "gift" is for making connections. Because of these connections, I'm able to make sense of a work in a larger, more universal way. And as such, my background is one of comparative mythology with a deep interest in the works of Joseph Campbell. I'm also fascinated by the connection and etymology of words. I have a BA in German literature, and likely this path has helped me develop my ability to see "the forrest" instead of getting Lost in the "trees" of the story.

I'm aware that this is an unorthodox way of presenting myself to you, and if any of you three actually see this, I'm truly amazed. I at least must for my part try. I know that there is a normal progression to arrive where I'd like to be, and that the normal "path" is something that all three of you have taken. The journey requires one to build their adventure a tiny stretch at a time. I'm ready now. I'd like to help. Contact me!( Let's bring this fabulous world to life. I'm excited for this whether I'm involved or not.
thanks so much.



-I forgot to link to my own fiction. Sorry. I highlighted my "skills" for you above, but failed to provide examples of my own fiction. I will remedy that here. enjoy!

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